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« Restaurant Rules “As long as you have not eaten there, you have not been to London».

Take a walk on Oxford Street

« It’s the destination for shopping».

Visit Hyde Park

« Go to the different parks of the city »

Concert at the Royal Opera House

“Concerts are a great way to spend your Sunday afternoon. “

Things to see and do

  • City Tour (Wednesday afternoon): City Center attractions: The Company Gardens, Parliament, Museum, Green Market Square and other places.
  • Transfer to the night life on Long Street (Friday night): Meeting with the population, live music and dance all night.
  • Visit monuments (Saturday all day): A must-see place of unspoiled natural beauty and a wild view on the end of the world …
  • Dinner with a teacher (Tuesday evening) Waterfront (Friday night): Enjoy trendy bars, dance clubs and excellent

Wine information


The British Isles represent nearly 1600 hectares of vines spread throughout the southern half of England. If these figures are still far behind France, there are still more than 500 vineyards, most of which is in the southeast, in the counties of Kent, East, West Sussex and Surrey. The rest is scattered along the Thames and Severn valleys, in East Anglia, the driest region of England, in South Wales and Ireland.

South East vineyards near London

KENT, EAST SUSSEX, WEST SUSSEX and HAMSPHIRE are areas with splendid little English-style historic towns, nestled at the foot of a small mountain. It is good to stroll in its narrow streets lined with many monuments, churches and old houses with white facades.

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