Be our ambassador in your wine professional market



You are located abroad in a non-English-speaking wine producing country

You believe that immersion abroad remains the most effective solution for learning a foreign language for wine professionals in your country and that you know the needs of players in the wine industry in terms of training and employment, we offer you to market our language stays, our training courses and our internships in South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, United States and England.

As a broker-affiliate of the brand in your market:

  • You will disseminate the PWL offer to professionals and students in the wine industry in your country by being visible on search engines, training catalogs and specialized job sites.
  • You will be the first contact in explaining our training and services.
  • You will establish the quotes in connection with our services and will be responsible for the contractualization.
  • You will relay all the preparatory documents for training or services.
  • You will manage all after-sales service contacts.

To do this, we provide you with our products, a website available in your language with your telephone and email contact prowinelanguage, a commercial methodology and we relieve you of customer and supplier accounting.


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