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Here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions. Do not hesitate to contact us if your question is not there.

How much English training time is needed? What costs?

Immersion is the most effective solution for learning a language.

We recommend a minimum of 2 weeks intensive English wine training based on the ProWine Language method. (mini group school in the morning and private lessons in the afternoon)

2 weeks of wine English allow to regain confidence, to reactivate the mechanisms of ready-made phrases and to create a personal mini glossary of wine vocabulary.

4 weeks really make it possible to progress and to go from one level (there are 7 levels from beginner to bilingual).

Depending on your basic level and your objective, we will advise you on training durations that can be planned over several years (ideally a 4-week cycle).

The cost is between € 200 and € 495 per week depending on the number of class hours and the distribution of group (mini group) and private classes.

Will I have a level test before entering the school?

You will have a written test of English to go online or at school, supplemented by an oral interview with the head teacher the morning of your first day of school to assign you in a group of appropriate level (7 to 8 levels in total).

Will I be with other students of my nationality during the training?

We organize ourselves so that there is a maximum of two students of the same nationality in the mini group of your language school. No teacher will speak to you in your mother tongue and you will only be in contact with strangers.

Total immersion, the basis of our teaching, remains the most effective solution to learning a foreign language.

Is the host family the best housing solution?

For short stays our host families seem to us the most complete solution, the most economical and the most reassuring.

The cost may seem important (minimum 250 € per week) but covers housing and usually half board.

Homestays are generally less than 45 minutes away by public transit from the school. You have the possibility on your own to stay in hostel, Airbnb or roommate.

We draw your attention that a large number of people have had difficulties with AIRBNB owners who cancel at the last minute and rentals that do not return the deposit.

When will I have contact information for my various contacts?

You will receive 4 weeks before the beginning of your stay all the details of your school, your private teacher and the host family.

Will I have a referent on site?

On site at the school you will have a permanent physical referent at your disposal to facilitate your immersion (training, housing, socio cultural activities and various advice …)

A minibus from the school can pick you up at the airport and take you to the city center.

What is the Gap Year Wine?

Our program ELITE – GAP YEAR WINE – allows you to travel by opening your mind to another culture, to learn a language with a Wine specialization, to perfect your knowledge of wine and to gain experience in a company.

This program immerses you between 6 to 9 months in the world wine world in one or more countries.

On your return you will have a certificate of level in English, a wine certificate WSET 2 or 3, a line of internship (3 to 6 months) to add to your CV.

Is the salary of the internship in company finances the life on the spot?

In order to refine your financing plan, the salary of the internship (to be confirmed with the company) generally covers (without commitment on our part) accommodation and food costs or you are sometimes housed directly by the company .

In Australia in general the monthly salary is about 800 €, in South Africa between 300 and 400 € and in England about 700 € … for the best profiles of candidates.

For accommodation we recommend short-term roommates or in our host families half-board (more expensive).

Renting a furnished room (minimum 2 months) is about 300 € in Australia and 200 € in South Africa.

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